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Rod Sowden in full flowIf you are considering buying a training course and you are thinking that there are bargains out there with cheaper training companies, then we would advise you to read this article.
The big training companies and Axelos  have been systematically undermining the training market for the last 8 years and this investigation exposes part of the story. If you are buying training, please consider the following other factors when selecting your provider:

  1. Quality of the trainer – ask for the cv and are they a industry professional or a “talking head” who will read the slides to you
  2. Quality of the materials – what is exactly included in the price, for example, manuals,
  3. Exam track record – this is important but very high success rates may be misleading
  4. Is the course right for you – if there is an examination on the end of it the course may only focus on the exam coaching rather than teaching the topic
  5. The quality of the company – are they a pop up training company offering cheap courses or have they a track record in the industry and can bring a deeper understanding of the topic

We hope that helps

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