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As we are not a company that wants to sell you any training course just for the sake of it. We want to deliver training that makes a difference to you as an individual and to your organisation, so we want to challenge the what is going on in the training market.

“Why, after so much training, are organisations not getting better at programme and project management?

Organisations have spent a fortune on training up their project and programme managers in the last 10 years. Extensive work has been done to improve the tools that they use and the quality of the processes are invested in. So why do some organisations seem to be naturally good at project management whist others are not. 

The work in the UK using the P3M3 maturity model has shown that there are common factors holding organisations back as they try to progress, it is these areas that need to be addressed.  This article will look at these areas and what can be done about to improve”.

In this article we share some of the common pitfalls that we have found and some hints on how to avoid them, watch out for the follow up article on how to exploit your training budget to the full.

A recent Course Conductor survey found that Aspire Europe are the Global Market Leader in P3M training, this was the result of a survey of our clients and we believe we are valued for challenging and innovating on the best way to give value for money.

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