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Revolutionising Digital Learning

During the pandemic we have been totally re-thinking our approach to how we integrate digital learning with the benefits of an engaging facilitator led training AND meet the needs of people at different levels of competence and learning styles.

We have split re-organised all our materials so that they meet different learning levels, namely:

  • Stage 1 – Fundamentals: This contains the basic concepts and knowledge for newcomers wanting to learn more.
  • Stage 2 – Practitioner: This takes the basic concepts into more depth and considers their application for people who are following a career in programme and project management.
  • Stage 3 – Professional: This is our range of advanced materials considers application and techniques for those reaching the top of the profession.

The standard courses from exam organisations only tend to focus at Stage 1 and maybe a little bit of Stage 2.

While the world has been in lockdown, we have been busy doing the following:

  • Adding 10 new qualifications to our portfolio recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), and we have also added APM PMQ.
  • Revamping over 350 eLearning modules to provide a better and more engaging interface and improving the accessibility of them in the process.
  • Using our coaching experience to help you to think about how you can improve your own performance.
  • Create tasks and activities for you to do or to think about relating to your own workplace.
  • Creating over 100 new videos with subtitles to help with accessibility, over 50 hours of new learning and insights.
  • Developing unique puzzles and interactive scenarios to help you think through real life challenges that you may face.
  • Creating 50 brand new advanced modules for people reaching the top of the professional.

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