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ILM Programme and Project Management Stage 1 – Fundamentals

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new qualification for those people who are working in an organisation that is using the UK Government Project Delivery Competency Framework OR the APM Competency Framework Levels 1 and 2.

We have created the qualification in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management and goes beyond existing commercial products such as the APM PFQ, which doesn’t cover the full breadth of the competency requirements.

One of the benefits of this new course is it brings in the opportunities for application of ideas to your work place, and the actual assessment includes practical application of what you have learned.

Another benefit is that once you have completed the course, you will have also completed the syllabus for  the APM PFQ, so you can chose to sit the qualification as well !

This product will be of interest to anyone with an interest or involvement in a project will benefit from the course content. The stage 1 course is designed for people who need to have a basic knowledge across a range of project management concepts because:

  • You have a role in a project team and need to actively contribute in some way.
  • You have a business management responsibility for the delivery of a project and how to effectively influence the project.
  • You have a sponsoring responsibility for a project and need to establish an understanding of the principles.
  • You are starting out on a project management career and wish to establish a broad understanding.
  • You are interested in the potential of project management concepts and how they might help your organisation.
  • Your organisation is using a competency framework (e.g. PDCF or APM) and they wish to prove they have a level of basic understanding.

For more details – take a look here https://www.aspireeurope.com/programme-and-project-management-stage-1-fundamentals.php

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