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Apart from refreshing all our qualification courses, we have also been putting our effort into creating competency rather than syllabus led materials.  For those not familiar, these are the levels:

Level 1Awareness of the topic

Level 2Capable of basic application

Level 3Competent in applying the concept

Level 4Proficient in the concept

Level 5Expert in the field

If we look at the popular competency frameworks such as PDCF and APM, most courses only fit the lower levels 1 and 2, raising awareness of concepts and putting some of them into very basic practice, just enough to get you through an exam.

As part of the development with the University of Cumbria, we’ve had to find ways of helping people reach those higher levels of competency (level 3 and above).

We have now created courses that will help people move up through the levels and prove their increasing competence. We can now offer you a journey that involves:

  • Fundamentals of Benefits Management introduces the concepts and general overview of how benefits management works, why not has a sneak preview
  • Practical Benefits Management uses the best materials from MSP, PRINCE2 and APM to expand the concept and practical exercises – why not have a quick preview
  • Managing Benefits materials provide you with the opportunity to gain a further qualification if you wish to go down that route, for more information, here are the course details
  • Professional Benefits Management is our graduate level materials which require vocational application and uses our C4CM/ILM qualification approach, have a sneak preview of through the video and for full course details please click here

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch so we can discuss.

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