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ILM Programme and Project Professional

Aspire Europe Limited very pleased to announce the launch of our third new qualification for those people who are working in an organisation that is using the UK Government Project Delivery Competency Framework OR the APM Competency Framework.

This course targets people are at Level 3 and moving towards Proficient or Professional at Level 4 or even 5. Our ILM Stage 3 Programme and Project Management Professional is based on the development work with the University of Cumbria for their Graduate Certificate and offers our most advanced learning materials, full details of the content can be found here https://www.aspireeurope.com/programme-and-project-management-stage-3-professional.php

We have created this qualification in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management (https://www.i-l-m.com/). It goes far beyond existing commercial exams from bodies such as the APM, Peoplecert, Axelos etc. it should therefore be of interest who already have a range of qualifications and want to push themselves to a higher level as it focuses on advancing your knowledge and putting it into practice by improving the way your organisation delivers programmes and projects.

The assessment is based on a vocational assignment to identify improvement opportunities, analyse and implement an improved approach, managing the transition and delivering the improved performance.

There are two big benefits:

The first big benefit for the individual is the opportunity to prove you can use the knowledge you have acquired through your previous training. Our materials will help cover any gaps in your existing knowledge as well.

The second big benefit is that the employer will have a problem area analysed and a plan to improve it prepared my a motivated member of staff.

So if you already have a pocket full of common qualifications and want to prove you can do the job, this is the course for you

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