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ILM Programme and Project Management Stage 2 Practitioner

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new qualification for those people who are working in an organisation that is using the UK Government Project Delivery Competency Framework OR the APM Competency Framework Levels 2 and 3, people who are currently at the practitioner level and want a new challenge, something that provides them with more than an electronic badge to wave around.

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We have created the qualification in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management (https://www.i-l-m.com/) and it goes beyond existing commercial exams such as the APM, Peoplecert, Axelos etc and focuses on using your knowledge to improve the way your organisation delivers programmes and projects. The assessment is based on a vocational assignment to identify improvement opportunities, analyse and plan the implementation of an improved approach.

There are two big benefits:

The first big benefit for the individual is the opportunity to prove you can use the knowledge you have acquired through your previous training. Our materials will help cover any gaps in your existing knowledge as well.

The second big benefit is that the employer will have a problem area analysed and a plan to improve it prepared my a motivated member of staff.

So if you already have a pocket full of common qualifications and want to prove you can do the job, this is the course for you. The course is for anyone with an interest or involvement in a project will benefit from the course content.

The Stage 2 course is designed for people who have a sound knowledge of the practices and wish to develop a deeper and broader understanding, because:

You have been working in a programme or project environment and want to improve their contribution to their organisation.

You have a business management responsibility for the delivery of improved performance and benefits.

You are a business sponsor (or SRO) and wish to understand how to maintain control of their programme or project.

You have a role in a PMO (Portfolio, Programme or Project Office) and want a deeper understanding of their role and relationship with programmes and projects.

You are project managers with responsibility for delivering a capability and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts to help them be successful.

You are interested in the potential of project management concepts and how you might help their organisation. Your organisation is using a competency framework (e.g. PDCF or APM) and you wish to prove you have reached the capable level.

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