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UK Testing programme roll out

The amazing achievement of creating the capability to undertake 100,000 test per day throws a light on a classic project v programme thinking issue and the challenges of transition

It is a great example of thinking about building the outputs and capabilities (100,000 test capacity) with the focus moving to outcomes (100,000 tested) and the benefits of opening the economy.

A massive effort has gone into creating testing capacity and mass testing centres where the tests could be undertaken but it has only been in the last 7 days (5 or 6 weeks after the work started) when the attention seems to have been given to where the volume of tests to use this capacity has come from.

As a comparison, it is similar to the Network Rail programmes such as Thameslink, where fantastic achievements in terms of engineering outputs and the throughput capabilities – yet there was clearly insufficient focus on outcomes and benefits, as we all saw with the timetable issues.

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